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Albuquerque Facility Manager Joins the Corps’ Emergency Response Efforts for Maui Wildfires

USACE Logistics Activity
Published Oct. 16, 2023
Left to right: Miner Holloway Pacific Ocean Division Planner; Jordan Melvin LPRT 
member from Albuquerque District; and Boonchan “Mike” Pornnang LPRT member from San Francisco District provide logistics support in Maui.

Left to right: Miner Holloway, Pacific Ocean Division Planner; Jordan Melvin, LPRT member from Albuquerque District; and Boonchan “Mike” Pornnang, LPRT member from San Francisco District, provide logistics support in Maui.

As the Maui Wildfires challenge local communities, the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has mobilized its emergency response teams to provide critical support. Part of that effort is Melvin Jordan, a Logistics Planning and Response Team (LPRT) Member and Facility Manager with the Albuquerque District as part of the USACE Logistics Activity (ULA).

Jordan is laser-focused on supporting the response efforts and is proud of his role in the ongoing efforts.

“Our primary effort has been on Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (RSO&I),” said Jordan. His responsibilities include coordinating the movement and lodging of personnel, tracking their contact information, and arranging travel and accommodations when needed. This logistical support is essential in enabling the smooth execution of the broader wildfire response efforts.

The response and recovery of the wildfires will likely go on for months. Jordan and the ULA Operations Division are ready to provide support as long as it takes.

“I will initially be deployed for 30 days, and I assume there will be more to follow as my replacement and more based on Mission Assignments given to USACE.”

The role of logistics in USACE's mission cannot be understated. Jordan said that as USACE receives Mission Assignments for tasks such as temporary power and debris cleanup, efficient logistics support becomes paramount.

“Their role is critically important to the overall mission and our focus is to make their travel, lodging, etc. as seamless and efficient as possible,” said Jordan. This support enables other personnel to concentrate on their specific tasks, contributing to the effectiveness of the wildfire response. For Jordan, volunteering for ULA's emergency response teams is a natural extension of his background and values.

“Prior to joining USACE as a civilian, I was a Marine Corps Logistics Officer for 10 years,” he shares. This experience drove him to eagerly join the ranks of the emergency response teams, enabling him to leverage his skills for the greater good.

The benefits of volunteering are multifaceted personally and professionally.

“It is a great opportunity to help and support those in need in response to an emergency and when they desperately need it,” said Jordan. He highlights the opportunity to collaborate with experts from various fields and federal agencies, broadening his own perspective and contributing to a greater sense of purpose.

If ULA personnel are considering joining a logistics emergency response team, Jordan offers poignant advice.

“There are so many amazing people employed by the USACE and ULA. Their expertise and experience are needed in support of emergencies,” he states. His words reflect the dedication of USACE professionals to stand together in times of crisis, embodying the organization's commitment to serving communities in need.


Editor's note: This article originally appeared on page 5 of the September 2023 issue of The Logistician, the official publication of the USACE Logistics Activity. Available: