Discipline CAD Files 

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QC Checklist

QC Checklist

Quality Control (QC) Checklist for CAD Files

The following step should be completed on every project prior to plotting:

  • Delete unnecessary files from project/discipline directories.

The following steps should be completed for each design file prior to plotting:

  • Verify file is named correctly for project. All improperly named files WILL be deleted from project. The only exception is mapping, which may have the base name without any project code. Discipline specific directories should only contain files for contract drawings.
  • Reference files:
    • All reference files are stored in the project root directory.
    • Border reference file: Use IP format border reference for drawings in English (or English/soft metric) units. Use SI format border for drawings in metric units. Do not mix the two (i.e., SI border reference with an English unit drawing). Borders should be referenced using a standard drafting scale.
    • Delete unnecessary reference files.
    • Delete any reference files referenced from outside the project directory.
    • Make sure reference file name is saved with the SAVE FULL PATH switch OFF.
    • Delete elements outside of border.
    • If view does not fill entire window, correct by use of tools such as DELETE ELEMENT with FENCE (VOID, OVERLAP, or CLIP).
    • If view still does not display properly, ask your CAD POC to arrange for EdG to be run on the file. (Be sure to make a backup copy of the file prior to running EdG. While EdG will not correct the problem, it can help identify the problem).
  • View file from front view. File should appear as a single line (one elevation) unless it contains mapping done at true elevation. If file is not flat try the following:
    • Use the MDL application FLATTEN.MA.
    • Compress z-planes.
    • Use ELEMENT INFORMATION (tentative) tool to identify elevations of incorrectly displayed elements and move object accordingly.
  • All required data fields are complete and match architectural sheets for font type, size, etc. These include:
    • File name
    • Plot scale
    • Plot date
    • DACA#
    • Design team names (where applicable)
    • Section (or Branch) title for "CHIEF" signature
    • Title block
    • Sheet/plate number
    • Sequence number (where applicable)
    • Graphic scale
  • Sheet titles should match EXACTLY with the name listed on the INDEX OF DRAWINGS. Verify the sequence numbers with the INDEX also.
  • Check A/E/C CAD level compliance by viewing each level separately.
  • Set line weights to ON.
  • FIT VIEW > ALL in preparation for final save.
  • COMPRESS file.
  • Save settings (FILEDESIGN).