Finding our Solicitations:

All solicitation Information can be obtained from the website.

image of round green play button

Click the button above to go to the website. Once on the website, under "Contract Opportunities (FBO)," click the "Search Contract Opportunities" link. From this page you can perform a search in many ways to locate any available government solicitation. To find an available solicitation for the Albuquerque District follow the steps below.

From the "Federal Organizations" search box on the left side of the page:

- Insert code "9700." This will bring up two descriptions below. Click on "9700-Dept of Defense Sub-Tier."

- Insert code "2100." This will bring up one description below. Click on "2100 Dept of the Army Sub-Tier."

Then go to the "Keywords" search box above on the left side of the page:

- Insert the word "Albuquerque" and hit enter on your computer.

View the list of opportunities. When you find the solicitation you are looking for, click on the project title.

From this page you can:

- Follow the solicitation by clicking on the "Follow" link at the top.

- View date offers are due.

- View set-aside designation.

- View project description.

- Download attachments.

- View contact information.


Please view the Contractor Help Page to assist you in downloading and viewing the solicitation files available from