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The US Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) requires all contractors performing construction for them to comply with the “Contractor Quality Control” (CQC), provisions in their contracts. In the early development of the CQC system, there was considerable misunderstanding as to what was required and who was responsible for it. In cooperation with the construction industry, the Corps developed a training course entitled “Construction Quality Management for Contractors (CQM).” The purpose of this course is to familiarize all quality management personnel with the Corps construction quality management policies and procedures. The course details the requirements of the government and contractor personnel assigned to the project and the reasons for those requirements. The effectiveness of the CQM system is enhanced when all personnel are aware of their responsibilities and the reasons for them. To ensure the success of the CQC system, every Corps construction contract stipulates that the contractor’s quality control representative is required to have this training. This course is offered throughout the year by many Corps offices across the nation.

The certificate issued upon successful completion of the CQM class is good for 5 years and is valid for Corps, Navy and other federal agencies’ projects. It is recommended that contractors review contract specifications to ensure changes have not been made to the requirements. The CQM for Contractors course was a joint development effort between USACE and the Navy Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC). As such, NAVFAC training, instructor certification, and certificates of completion for these courses will be accepted by USACE.

CQM Recertification. CQM for Contractors Recertification Course will no longer be offered. All recertification of the CQM course will be through retaking the resident PROSPECT Course #784, Construction Quality Management (CQM) for Contractors.


The Albuquerque District will NOT be offering any CQM courses in the remainder of 2021 or the first half of 2022. Please check the CQM Course Schedule Links at the bottom of this page for alternate times and locations sponsored by other USACE districts.  Thank you.

General Information

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The Albuquerque District Office is located approximately 5 miles north of the I-25 and I-40 intersection at 4101 Jefferson Plaza NE in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

From the south: From I-25 take the Jefferson exit (EXIT 229) and turn left/west at the light.  Follow Jefferson Street (for 0.8 miles) until you see Holman’s on the left (west).  The District Office is located behind the Holman’s building, on Jefferson Plaza. 

From the north: From I-25 take the Ellison/Osuna exit (EXIT 231) and turn right/west onto Ellison.  Turn left/south, onto Jefferson Street and continue South (for 0.6 miles passing Osuna) and turn right/west when you see Holman’s.  The District Office is located behind the Holman’s building, on Jefferson Plaza.

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 Map showing the area surrounding the District Office, highlighting restaurants and hotels


The classroom for both courses is on the 1st floor in the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) at the Albuquerque District Office.   Check-in with the security guards at the front desk where you will sign-in and obtain a guest badge.  The security guards will direct you to the MPR (Room 119).  Absolutely no weapons, alcohol, or illegal drugs are permitted on government property.

Classes begin promptly at 8 a.m. each day. 


Free parking is available on site or on Jefferson Plaza. 


There will be a break for lunch from approximately 11:30 pm-12:30 pm.

There is a break room with vending machines located adjacent to the classroom.  There are several restaurants (both dine-in and fast food) in the area within walking and\or driving distance.


When CQM and QCS classes are scheduled during Albuquerque’s winter weather season, the following will apply should Inclement Weather affect the class schedule.


  1. It is the Student’s responsibility to be aware of unexpected weather delays through local news media and by contacting the District’s Weather Hotline at 505-342-3184 for specific information.

  2. It is the Student’s responsibility to assure all CQM coursework and testing is satisfactorily completed in order to obtain a CQM certificate.

  3. In the case of lost class time due to inclement weather, the CQM class may run late into the afternoon on the 2nd day in order to complete the requisite course material and tests. Plan your return flights accordingly. It is highly recommended that return flights not be scheduled the afternoon of the CQM class’ final day.

  4. Roads can be Icy and dangerous. Always consider your safety first. No class is worth risking your safety.

  5. No refunds will be made if the student is not able to attend classes on the modified schedule.

The Classroom facility has been booked for the entire week. Every attempt will be made to complete the CQM and RMS QCS classes during the scheduled week. This includes running classes beyond the originally posted end times. In the event of weather or hazardous conditions, Albuquerque District status updates will be posted to the Weather Hotline: 505-342-3184. Updates posted by 6:15 am.

1. The Class start time will follow the announced inclement work schedule for the Albuquerque District Office. For instance, if the Albuquerque District Office is on a 2 hour delay, the CQM and RMS QCS classes will also be on a 2 hour delay, starting at 10:00 am instead of the published 8:00 am start time. Albuquerque District Office Delay Schedules are announced through local news media, and USUALLY follow Delay Schedules announced for Kirtland Air Force Base and POSSIBLY for the Albuquerque Public Schools.

2. The CQM class may run late into the afternoon on the final day if needed. All course requirements need to be met to get the CQM Certification. Please keep this in mind when booking flights out of Albuquerque after the CQM class.

3. The RMS QCS class has no associated certification, but may also run beyond the posted end time to cover the course material. If a student leaves before the RMS QCS class is completed, the only thing lost will be the material covered.