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The US Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) requires all contractors performing construction for them to comply with the “Contractor Quality Control” (CQC), provisions in their contracts. 

In the early development of the CQC system, there was considerable misunderstanding as to what was required and who was responsible for it. In cooperation with the construction industry, the Corps developed a training course entitled “Construction Quality Management for Contractors (CQM).” 

The purpose of this course is to familiarize all quality management personnel with the Corps construction quality management policies and procedures. The course details the requirements of the government and contractor personnel assigned to the project and the reasons for those requirements.

The effectiveness of the CQM system is enhanced when all personnel are aware of their responsibilities and the reasons for them. To ensure the success of the CQC system, every Corps construction contract stipulates that the contractor’s quality control representative is required to have this training. This course is offered throughout the year by many Corps offices across the nation.

The certificate issued upon successful completion of the CQM class is good for 5 years and is valid for Corps, Navy and other federal agencies’ projects. It is recommended that contractors review contract specifications to ensure changes have not been made to the requirements. The CQM for Contractors course was a joint development effort between USACE and the Navy Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC). As such, NAVFAC training, instructor certification, and certificates of completion for these courses will be accepted by USACE.

CQM Recertification. CQM for Contractors Recertification Course will no longer be offered. All recertification of the CQM course will be through retaking the resident PROSPECT Course #784, Construction Quality Management (CQM) for Contractors.

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The Albuquerque District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will NOT be offering any in-person CQM training for Contractors in 2023 or 2024.