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 Construction Branch, SPAConstruction@usace.army.mil              505.342.3484 or 505.343.6295
 Design Branch  SPADesignBranch@usace.army.mil          505.342.3417, 505.342.3388, or x-3307

            Environmental Engineering Section

            Geotechnical Engineering Section

 Technical Support Branch, SPATechnicalSupport@usace.army.mil,         505.342.3334 or 505.342.3401

            Cost Engineering Section            

            Technical Support Section            

            Specifications Section            

            AE Contracts Section

Holloman AFB Resident Office


  • Administer Military Construction Contracts at Holloman Air Force Base and Civil Construction Contracts in the Surrounding Area
  • Perform Quality Assurance and Safety Inspections of Contractor 
  • Performed Construction Work
  • Monitor Contractor Schedule, Review and Approve Shop Drawings, Perform On-Going and Final Inspections of Contractor Work 
  • Serve as Administrative Contracting Officer to Modify Contracts as Needed for Required Change Orders
  • On-Site District Liaison to Holloman AFB Staff
  • On-Site District Liaison to Customer Staff  


Specialized Experience

  • Administrative Building
  • Aircraft Maintenance Facilities
  • Family Housing
  • Munitions Storage Facilities
  • Flight Simulator Buildings
  • HTRW Construction Oversight
  • Hangars
  • Dormitories
  • Warehouses
  • Airfield Paving
  • Medical Facilities

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