The United States Army Corps of Engineers Tribal Nations Technical Center of Expertise (TNTCX) was established in order to provide a cost-effective administrative tool to improve USACE’s quality and effectiveness in delivering USACE missions and Federal Trust responsibilities to Federally recognized tribes. In that role, the TNTCX can engage with each of the 574 Federally recognized Native American Tribes, national and regional organizations representing Native American governments, Native American communities, and the USACE Commands serving those communities. The TNTCX program is vital to the successful management of our relationships with Tribal Nations, which helps us maintain and operate key infrastructure projects that contribute to the Nation’s economy, environment, safety, and quality of life - now and in the future.



Contact Us

The USACE Tribal Nations Center of Expertise (TNTCX) has offices in two locations in order to better serve Tribal needs:

Tribal Nations Technical Center Expertise
4101 Jefferson Plaza, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

US Army Corp of Engineers
Tribal Nations Technical Center of Expertise
University of Alabama
Box 870215
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0328

Director: Ron Kneebone, Ph.D.
Phone: 505-238-4676

Deputy Director/Operations Chief: Michael P. Fedoroff, RPA
Phone: 205-348-9254





TNTCX Newsletters

  • May

    Spring 2020 Issue No. 9

    Welcome back everyone to a new issue of the TNTCX newsletter. Wow, what an incredible spring we’ve faced together. I pray that you and your families have been able to stay safe during the Covid-19 health crisis. As all of you are aware, many of the Native American communities with whom we work have not been so lucky. Most tribes have had to take unprecedented measures to protect themselves from this invisible outside threat. As I write this, USACE offices and tribes are just now re-opening their office doors for business. We hope you’ll understand as much of our content this month is playing catch-up from the weeks leading up to our lockdown.
  • August

    FALL 2019 Issue No. 8

    Welcome everyone to a new year of Tribal Engagement and a new issue of the TNTCX newsletter. In this issue’s Tribal Perspectives section, we have contributions from both the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations discussing first contact with Europeans and the evolution and importance of indigenous sport. The first quarter of FY 2020 was a hectic time for the Tribal Nations Technical Center. The TNTCX Update catches up on events from the fall, including participation at the Moundville Native American Festival,attendance at the National Congress of the American Indian in Albuquerque, and participation at the Alaska Tribal Conference on Environmental Management (ATCEM) in Anchorage.
  • April

    April 2019 Issue No. 7

    Yes, time again for the new issue of the Tribal Nations Technical Center of Expertise newsletter for April 2019. We at the TNTCX hope you all are enjoying the fine spring weather. We have a number contributions that I think you’ll find interesting in this month’s newsletter. Once again we have a contribution from our partners at the Chickasaw Nation. The TNTCX has lots of updates including the recent SAA’s, the Environmental Research and Review Group (eRARG), and working with our partners across the enterprise.
  • March

    March 2019 Issue No. 6

    Welcome back everyone to the March Tribal Nations Technical Center Newsletter. For many of you around the country, March came in like a lion and went out like a lion. We hope you’re all well, warm, safe, and looking forward to a great April.