Sustainable Rivers Program

Established in 2002, The Sustainable Rivers Program (SRP) is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and The Nature Conservancy partnership. It represents an ongoing effort to modify operations at Corps dams to enhance habitat conditions for the plants and animals that depend on downstream river flows, while also enhancing local economies by supporting hydropower efforts, navigation, and recreation.  In accordance with their mission, the SRP has partnered with the Tribal Nations Technical Center of Expertise (TNTCX) to develop and host an Indigenous rivercane restoration workshop in the Southeastern Region of the United States. This workshop will directly benefit our Tribal partners and the communities near rivers; encouraging people to work together towards multiple goals. The aim of this workshop is to introduce Indigenous approaches to rivercane restoration in order to develop multi-perspective ecological conceptual models. The workshop will be jointly hosted by TNTCX and the Alabama Water Institute. The workshop will include representatives from USACE, The Choctaw Nation, The Cherokee Nation, USFWS, USFS, USGS, and various Indigenous communities. The goal is to identify rivercane restoration sites at USACE project locations.