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QC Checklist

CAD Standards for Albuquerque District


The Albuquerque District CAD Standards Web page has been established to provide designers and architect-engineering firms design guidelines to ensure consistent electronic deliverables within the Albuquerque District.

The primary guidelines A/E/C CAD Standard Release 5.0 are located at the Corps of Engineers CAD/BIM Technology Center Web site. Except where noted and posted on this site, all aspects of A/E/C CADD Standards guidelines shall be used in all CAD work.

The Albuquerque District has a Supplemental Standard to the A/E/C CAD Standards Release 5.0 located at Supplemental Standard.This document will provide clarification and information not covered in the A/E/C CAD Standard Release 5.0.

All designers and architect-engineering firms shall use the following Cover Sheet and Border Sheet for all projects. Click here to access the Cover Sheet and Border Sheet. The Cover Sheet files are named "aexxg-001.dgn" and "aexxg-001.dwg"  The Border Sheet files are named "aexxg-bs.dgn" and "aexxg-bs.dwg"

The QC Checklist located at QC Checklist shall be completed by each discipline at the completion of every project and submitted with the electronic drawing files.

Requirements for Changing Drawings because of Amendments and Modifications, including examples, see RequirementsForChange.pdf 

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