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  • October

    Albuquerque Facility Manager Joins the Corps’ Emergency Response Efforts for Maui Wildfires

    As the Maui Wildfires challenge local communities, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has mobilized its emergency response teams to provide critical support. Part of that effort is Melvin Jordan, a Logistics Planning and Response Team member and Facility Manager with the Albuquerque District as part of the USACE Logistics Activity.
  • September

    SPD Commander visits post-fire debris removal team in northern New Mexico

    USACE’s South Pacific Division Commander recently visited the Private Property Debris Removal team working in New Mexico.
  • October

    USACE Infrastructure Assessment Subject Matter Experts Help in Harvey Recovery Mission

    Hurricane Harvey stormed along the Gulf Coast of Texas in late August. As part of the federal government’s recovery mission, FEMA tasked USACE to provide engineering support. Infrastructure Assessment teams are a key element of this support.
  • August

    What Can the Corps do? Wildfire Effects Mitigation Authorities Explained

    The Corps has some limited authority to address flood hazards within watersheds affected by wildfires. The Corps’ emergency assistance is intended, by law, to be temporary in order to meet immediate threats. It is not intended to provide permanent solutions to flooding problems. Categories of emergency assistance permitted under Public Law 84-99 include:
  • Step by Step — How the Corps Responds to Emergencies

    Public Law 84-99 dictates how the Corps will manage emergencies and provide flood-related technical assistance, as well as flood flight support to state and local governments.
  • July

    Corps Provides Sandbag Training for Communities

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers offered hands-on sandbag training and emergency flood preparedness at the City Park in Glenwood, N.M., June 9 and 16. The training was open to residents of Catron County communities, as that area has the potential to experience flooding during the upcoming monsoon season in the aftermath of prolonged burning by fires.
  • April

    Albuquerque Transfers Ice Mission to Charleston District

    Each year, the Charleston and Albuquerque districts trade off the lead of the Corps’ National Ice Team mission. This year, the lead transferred back to Charleston during a ceremony April 2, where ice was symbolically handed from Albuquerque to Charleston via a video teleconference.
  • When Disaster Strikes, We’ll Bring the Ice!

    In the event a disaster such as a hurricane hits the U.S. this year, Albuquerque District will ensure that ice is purchased and delivered to the affected area, when requested.