Example In-Stream Structural Designs



The following in-stream structure designs are provided by the Colorado Parks & Wildlife as example structures that may be considered for authorization under Colorado Regional General Permit No. 12 for Aquatic Habitat Improvement for Stream Channels in Colorado. These figures and guidelines are intended to be examples of structures generally appropriate in Colorado streams and are not to be interpreted as project recommendations or limitation to structural designs under RGP 12 or any other Corps permit:


Log/Timber Overpour Plunges:
Log Timber Overpour Plunge

Digger Logs:
Digger Logs

Drop Structures:
Cross Vane
Cross Vane & Bench
J Hook
J Hook Spacing
Rock Boulder Sill
Rock Sill
W Weir - Plan
W Weir - Profile 1
W Weir - Profile 2
W Weir - Cross-Section 1
W Weir - Cross-Section 2

Scattered Boulders, Boulder Clusters, & Cover Trees:
Boulder Cluster - Plan
Boulder Cluster - Cross-Section 1
Boulder Cluster - Cross-Section 2
Random Boulder Placement
Scattered Boulder and Cover Trees

Tree/Rock Revetments:
Tree Revetments and Crib Trees - A
Tree Revetments and Crib Trees - B
Log Mat Bench - Plan
Log Mat Bench - Profile
Log Mat Bench - Cross-Section
Log Toe Bench - Plan
Log Toe Bench - Profile
Log Toe Bench - Cross-Section
Stone Toe Bench - Plan
Stone Toe Bench - Cross-Section

Wing Deflectors & Single Boulder Deflectors:
Wing Deflector - A
Wing Deflector - B

Point Bars:
Point Bar - Channel Constrictions - A
Point Bar - Channel Constrictions - B

Spawning Gravels:
Spawning Gravels

Fish Barriers:
Fish Barriers - A
Fish Barriers - B
Fish Barriers - C

Fish Bypass Structures:
Fish Bypass Structure

Fish Ladders:
Fish Ladders - A
Fish Ladders - B

Fish Screens:
Fish Screens - A
Fish Screens - B
Fish Screens - C