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E&C Branch / Section

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 Construction Branch,              505.342.3484 or 505.343.6295
 Design Branch          505.342.3417, 505.342.3388, or x-3307

            Environmental Engineering Section

            Geotechnical Engineering Section

 Technical Support Branch,,         505.342.3334 or 505.342.3401

            Cost Engineering Section            

            Technical Support Section            

            Specifications Section            

            AE Contracts Section

Design Branch


  • Design of Flood Control Facilities
  • Design of MILCON for USAF in NM and AZ
  • Support of Construction Activities
  • Acequia Rehabilitation Design
  • Support of Other Federal Agencies

Specialized Experience

  • CAD-BIM-ProjectWise
  • Design-Build - RFP Preparation & Proposal Evaluation
  • Military Facility Design
    • Flight Training/Flight Simulation
    • Aircraft Maintenance/Airfield Pavement
    • Crash/Fire Rescue Training
    • Dining Halls
  • Dormitories
    • Child Development Centers
  • Construction Materials Analysis and Design
  • Fire Protection Analysis & Design
  • Utility Distribution Upgrades

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