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The Engineering and Construction Division has established its professional reputation and prided itself on its Planning, Engineering, Construction Management and Environmental services. Our award winning Design and Construction team has successfully completed a wide variety of projects in the Civil, Military, Interagency, Environmental and HTRW arenas.

Civil Works Projects

The District has over 60 years of experience with projects in our Civil Works Program. Our design team has developed water distribution systems, storm drain systems, flood control structures and acequias. We have demonstrated experience in performing flood proofing studies and have a variety of flood plain management services available. We also perform a variety of studies, including facility evaluation, seismic studies, space planning, utilities distribution, dam safety inspections and conduct routine data monitoring and analysis.

Military Works Projects

Our Military Works Program consists of a variety of design and construction activities in support of our military customers. We have extensive experience in the design and construction of family housing, dormitories, bridges, hangars, research facilities, airfields, and remodeling existing structures. We also provide design-build solutions, including Request for Proposal (RFP) preparation and proposal evaluation, construction materials analysis and design and utility distribution upgrades.

Environmental Projects

Our Environmental Program encompasses a variety of activities including endangered species surveys, environmental assessments and impact statements, and cultural resource mitigation. Please visit our HTRW Program which covers a full range of projects and capabilities including field investigations, environmental sampling, data analysis and evaluation, air quality monitoring, asbestos and lead-based paint surveys, on-site quality assurance/control, hazardous waste remediation solutions and environmental compliance.