Natural Resources

Galisteo environmental stewardship embodies a robust salt cedar removal program. There is a future possibility of a sunflower farm for a bee hive habitat experiment. There are 10 edible plant species including juniper, pinyon, oak, three cacti, yucca, and ephedra around the area. A plant that may be related to the “chimaja,” which is a herbaceous plant used by modern Indians as a cooking herb, occurs around and near the dam.

Galisteo Dam is a potential habitat for deer, antelope, quail, and dove. A variety of edible smaller mammals are present as well. The area is known for rabbits, jack rabbits, coyote, wood rats, and kangaroo rats.

At Galisteo, there are 60 archaeological sites on Corps fee-owned land, several of which are related to the El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro National Historic Trail, and 26 sites of easement lands for a total of 86 historic properties at Galisteo. All of these sites are eligible for nomination to the State and National Registers. The area is of historical significance so remember it is unlawful to remove any artifacts or other natural resources from the area.