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Posted 8/22/2014

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By Ronnie Schelby
Public Affairs Specialist

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., -- On Thursday, August 7, 2014, local media were invited to Kirtland Air Force Base to view the excavation activities at the Former Fuels Off-Loading Rack (FFOR). The FFOR site was the location of the fueling lines that were used to transfer aviation and jet fuel to storage tanks in the 1950s. These lines were used until 1999, when the fuel leak was discovered.

The excavation activities on “Media Day” concentrated on the removal of approximately 1,800 cubic yards of fuel-contaminated soils adjacent to the fuel lines. CB&I, the contractor employed by the base, and assisting in remediation of the Bulk Fuels Facility, is performing the excavation. The depth limit of excavation will be 20 ft.

The impacted soils are being hauled to an offsite facility near Belen, N.M. The soils will then be disposed of at a New Mexico Environmental Department (NMED) approved facility. The excavations are being backfilled with clean soils.

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