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Posted 4/27/2012

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By Ronnie Schelby
District Public Affairs

The District has generated outreach materials and has updated its website to remind boaters and kayakers visiting Cochiti Lake that a log boom is in place and covers one end of the lake.

The log boom is a floating debris-containment barrier which has been placed in the lake because of the continuous debris flowing into the lake as a result of the Las Conchas Fire. The debris continues to impact recreational use at the lake and White Rock Canyon.

The log boom has been installed near the mouth of White Rock Canyon, above the Tetilla Peak boat ramp, to help intercept and contain debris. The center section of the log boom may be opened periodically, when the risk of debris is low. When the boom is in place, it is still possible to portage canoes and kayaks around the west side of the boom. However, rafts or larger craft coming downstream in the Rio Grande should contact the Cochiti ranger staff before starting a trip, so boaters know ahead of time whether or not their craft can be portaged around the log boom.

The rangers are telling people to travel down-stream at their own risk, as the Corps cannot be responsible for assisting boats that are unable to portage around the log boom.

For any questions or concerns regarding the log boom or Cochiti Lake, please contact the Cochiti Project Office at 505-465-0307.

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