US Army Corps of Engineers
Albuquerque District

Tag: John Martin Dam
  • March

    John Martin Dam

    The John Martin Dam is the major structure in the John Martin Reservoir Project, which project was authorized by Congress under Flood Control Act of June 22, 1936, as a flood Control and water conservation project. This article originally appeared on page 4 of the March 1943 issue of the Albuquerque District Safety News.
  • January

    Potential Record-Size Fish Transferred as John Martin Stilling Basin is Cleaned Out for First Time in 70 Years

    Before dewatering the John Martin Reservoir stilling basin to complete inspection, thousands of fish, many potentially record-breaking in size, were relocated to the main reservoir.
  • July

    Remembering the 1965 Arkansas River Flood in Southeastern Colorado

    I remember the 1965 flood! In 1965, I was a kid living at Granada, Colorado. This article is part memoir and part summary of events that occurred during the 1965 Arkansas River Flood as documented during and after that flood 50 years ago.
  • May

    Students ‘Discover Water’ in Pueblo, Colo.

    Corps employees from John Martin Reservoir presented water safety classes to elementary school students attending the annual Discovering Water in Pueblo event May 7, 2013, at the Colorado State University - Pueblo campus.
  • October

    Corps’ Contractor Receives Rich G. Levad Award

    Duane Nelson, a Corps’ contractor at John Martin Dam and Reservoir, received the Rich G. Levad Award Aug. 25 from members of the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory (RMBO) near Barr Lake, Colo.
  • April

    Divers Assess Placement of John Martin Dam Supports

    A project is planned to replace damaged and, in some cases, missing bulkhead gate supports at the District’s John Martin Dam. The existing supports have been in place since the dam was built more than 50 years ago.
  • July

    Archaeology Plays Important Role for Corps

    The Albuquerque District has several archaeologists who also work to preserve the District’s history, as our employees work and build in support of the nation’s future.