Directions to Conchas Lake

Map with location of Conchas Dam in relation to major roads/cities in eastern NM/western Texas

Conchas Lake from the East
Merge onto I-40 W toward Albuquerque
Merge onto I-40-BL W/E Tucumcari Blvd/E Route 66 Blvd via EXIT 335 toward US-54 E/NM-104 S
Turn right onto S 1st St/NM-104 N
Turn slight right onto NM-433 N
Turn slight left
Just past NM-433 S

Conchas from the West
Merge onto I-40 E toward Santa Rosa
Take the NM-129 exit, EXIT 300, toward Newkirk
Turn left onto NM-129/State Highway 129. Continue to follow NM-129
Turn right onto NM-104 for 5.9 miles
Turn slight left onto NM-433 N
NM-433 N is 0.7 miles past Cedar Rd