General Information

While visiting Cochiti Lake, we ask that you observe Corps of Engineers, federal, state, and Cochiti Pueblo regulations that govern the use of this park. For everyone's enjoyment and safety, please note the following:

  • Cochiti Lake is a NO-WAKE lake.   
  • Camping is permitted at Cochiti and Tetilla Peak Campgrounds. Limit is 14 days within a 30-day period.
  • Pets are welcome, but must be leashed, however pets are NOT allowed on the designated swim beach. 
  • Confine fires to grills or established pits only. Extinguish fires prior to departure. Deposit all trash in designated bins.
  • Charcoal is NOT allowed in the designated swim beach area.
  • Drive and park vehicles only on developed roads and parking areas.
  • Loaded firearms, ammunition, explosives of any kind, bows and arrows, etc., are prohibited.
  • Destruction, injury, defacement, or removal of public property, including vegetation and natural and cultural resources is prohibited.

A complete pdf document listing of rules and regulations governing public use of Corps of Engineers Water Resources Management Projects can be found at the following links - Title 36 Federal Regulations; New Mexico State Boating Regulations; New Mexico State Parks Boating website.

Beach Information:

Numbers grow each weekend at what may be the nicest beach in the State of New Mexico. Visitors bring pop-up shelters, gas barbeque grills and chairs and spend most of the day having fun at Cochiti Lake. The Cochiti Lake staff has been working to make the beach larger, constructing more shelters and providing more parking areas to make everyone welcome.

We ask visitors to our beach to follow these simple rules:

  1. NO pets allowed on the beach. (This is an OSHA law – pets dirty the sand and children and adults alike lie on and play in the sand.)
  2. Gas barbeques only – charcoal grills are not permitted.
  3. Anyone using an inflatable (raft, inner tube, rubber boat, other floating objects, etc.) on the lake MUST wear a life jacket, even in the swim area.
  4. NO glass and NO fishing within the beach area.
  5. NO Alcohol. Alcohol is banned at Cochiti Lake so all visitors to Cochiti Lake will have a safe and enjoyable recreation experience.