Natural Resources

The Abiquiu Project hosts the annual Eagle Watch program. Volunteers are invited to participate in the counting of the lake’s winter eagle population. The purpose of the watch is to collect data to assist in national and local tracking of the birds’ numbers.

The survey represents a unique source of long-term, baseline data. Unlike nesting surveys, it provides information on both breeding and non-breeding segments of the population at a potentially limiting time of year.

Click here for information on the 2024 Eagle Watch event.

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  Volunteers gather to begin the annual Eagle Watch at Abiquiu Lake, NM, Jan. 2014

 Eagle Watch in early January

 Volunteers for the 2014 Annual Eagle Watch at Abiquiu Lake, N.M.  

 Classroom Preparation for the Eagle Watch


Abiquiu Lake hosts annual National Public Lands Day celebration events. Volunteers assist the lake staff with shoreline cleanup, river cleanup, trail work and landscaping. Click here to read about the 2023 National Public Lands Day event.

Park rangers have been working with volunteers to build over 5 miles of sustainable single track trail within Abiquiu’s recreational facilities.

Partnerships have also yielded grants that have allowed at risk teens to be employed by non-profits like the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps.

During FY 2011, the Abiquiu Maintenance Staff provided assistance to the Santa Clara Pueblo in the aftermath of the Las Conchas Fire. The fire was the most devastating in New Mexico state history and posed a dangerous erosion problem for the Santa Clara Canyon and the Pueblo. The Abiquiu Crew assisted in the cleanup and stabilization of the areas most susceptible to high erosion.