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  • June

    Project office staff get hands-on training in safely relocating rattlesnakes

    Recently, staff from the district’s lake project offices learned what to do should unexpected and unwanted visitors show up while they are on the job – namely rattlesnakes.
  • September

    Training Helps Regulators in Identifying Wetland Plants

    For District regulators, knowing a grass from a sedge is not just a trivial pursuit question. Jurisdictional wetlands are determined in part by what plants are present. Robert Sivinski recently instructed a hands-on, three-day course to help the participants improve their skills in identifying New Mexico wetland plants.
  • August

    District Collaborates to Save Resources, Offer Opportunities

    In an era of resource constraints, the Corps is continually seeking ways to cut the cost of doing business and do more with less.
  • September

    Minority Students Gain “Experience of a Lifetime”

    The National Hispanic Environmental Council sponsors a national Minority Youth Environmental Training Institute that is held for 11 days in Northern New Mexico and exposes minority youth to environmental opportunities within the Environmental Protection Agency, Fish and Wildlife Service, USDA Forest Service and Natural Resources Conservation Service.
  • July

    Corps Provides Sandbag Training for Communities

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers offered hands-on sandbag training and emergency flood preparedness at the City Park in Glenwood, N.M., June 9 and 16. The training was open to residents of Catron County communities, as that area has the potential to experience flooding during the upcoming monsoon season in the aftermath of prolonged burning by fires.
  • June

    Technicians Undergo Crane and Rigging Certification

    Eighteen technicians from the District’s managed lakes and reservoirs attended Class II Crane and Hoist Operator Certification training held at Cochiti Lake April 25 and 26.