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Posted 6/18/2013

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By Ronnie Schelby
Albuquerque District Public Affairs

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., -- On Saturday, June 8, Corps’ employees from the Albuquerque District participated in National Get Outdoors Day held at Tingley Beach here.

The Corps of Engineers has been participating in this annual, family-focused event for the last several years to help spread the word about water safety. Corps participants this year included Ranger Bob Garcia, Cochiti Lake; Ranger John Mueller, Abiquiu Lake; Kathleen Bennett, Outdoor Recreation Planner, Albuquerque District; and Bobber the Water Safety Dog.

This year, the Corps’ representatives revealed their new Water Safety Trailer. Over 400 children and adults visited the trailer where they learned about the importance of learning to swim, swimming with a buddy or with adult supervision, and ALWAYS wearing a properly fitting personal flotation device (water safety vest). Some lucky participants were able to shake hands with Bobber and have their photos taken.

National Get Outdoors Day was coordinated by the New Mexico Outdoors Coalition. Other organizations participating in the event included a number of nonprofit agencies, the US Forest Service, New Mexico Game and Fish, and New Mexico State Parks, and other state and government agencies.

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