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Posted 4/2/2013

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By Elizabeth Lockyear
Public Affairs

Master Sgt. Bernie Lujan received the 2012 U.S. Army Antiterrorism Honor Roll Award March 26, 2013, at the District’s Headquarters in Albuquerque, N.M.

The award ceremony took place via video teleconferencing (VTC) due to the ongoing fiscal constraints. Lujan also received the 2012 USACE Meritorious Antiterrorism Honor Roll Award in the same ceremony.

The Corps of Engineers’ Deputy Commanding General and Deputy Chief of Engineers Maj. Gen. Todd Semonite spoke from Washington about both awards while the District’s Deputy Commander Maj. Gary Bonham physically presented the awards to Lujan.

In addition to the award, the names of those on the Corps’ Honor Roll are on a permanent plaque displayed at the Corps’ Washington D.C., headquarters. Lujan said humbly that his name will be “forever be posted at USACE Higher Headquarters” as a symbol of the District’s hardworking personnel.

Bonham said that Lujan “has totally changed the posture of our antiterrorism program here at the District. The District now meets antiterrorism standoff requirements and has a much more proactive stance towards antiterrorism measures.”

The District has the highest security program evaluation rating on the South Pacific Division’s record under Lujan’s supervision. Bonham said the awards were a great honor not just for Lujan, but also for the many people who have supported him in his endeavors in the antiterrorism area in the District.

Bonham said that Lujan epitomizes the NCO Corps and what the wounded warrior program is all about. “The induction of him into the USACE and Army antiterrorism honor rolls reflect that.”

A wounded warrior from the Afghan conflict, Lujan is the District’s Security Manager and Crime Prevention Officer. He has been in the wounded warrior or “Warriors in Transition” program since 2008.The program supports soldiers who have been injured or wounded in service. To qualify, a soldier must work, live and receive treatment near his or her home; require “complex” medical treatment for at least 90 days or longer; and have spent at least 30 days at a medical treatment facility.

Those assigned to the Albuquerque District benefit from the structured and productive time working here. The District benefits from their expertise and the possibility of hiring them for civilian employment in the future.

The Army Antiterrorism Awards program was established to recognize significant achievements in the antiterrorism field. It also recognizes those who work hard behind the scenes to protect Army personnel, families, facilities and installations.
There are six award categories: Best Antiterrorism Program for Installations; Units; Stand Alone Facilities; Program Manager and Army Major Subordinate Command. The Antiterrorism Honor Roll is for individual achievement.

The Corps also received the Army’s 2012 Best Antiterrorism Program – Stand Alone Facility Award for the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center in Vicksburg, Miss.

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