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Posted 7/1/2012

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By Ronnie Schelby
Public Affairs

It was just like a movie – A soldier walks into a room filled with children, and someone shouts out, "there’s an Army guy!" And, that kicked off a high-energy engagement at Sunset View Elementary in Albuquerque.

On May 19, Lt. Col. Richard Collins, Albuquerque District Deputy Commander, was invited to the school for a presentation to his son William’s kindergarten class.

He was invited by the teacher, Mr. Branch, a former Army soldier, to give the children some insight about what it means to work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Even though this was a tough audience, the Lt. Col. was ready. He was armed with various helmets, vests and photos to help explain what it means to be a soldier and engineer in today’s Army.

First, he put on the helmet and vest he wore while assigned to a mission overseas. Next, he changed into a safety jacket and hard hat, and he explained how these were used on site visits to projects every-where and how important is to use the right gear to be safe. Finally, both he and a child from the class donned water safety vests, and he explained how the vests keep you safe in the water. The wide-eyed children listened well and asked questions throughout.

Lt. Col. Collins received a round of applause from the class, and a hug from his son.

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