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Corps Builds New School for Air Force’s Combat Rescue Mission

Published Nov. 1, 2010

Nearly every commander on Kirtland Air Force base joined a large group of distinguished guests and Corps personnel Oct. 13 to celebrate the opening of the Guardian Angel Training Center.

The new school house for the Air Force’s Para-rescue and Combat Rescue Officers will offer some of the hardest training in the Air Force, according to Col. William Mott, 37th Training Wing Commander at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

The Corps of Engineers became aware of the project in 2008 and awarded a contract in December of that year to K.L. House Construction Company Inc. for more than $14 million.   

The project manager was Connie Runyan, the resident engineer was Carlos Salazar and the project engineer was Joan Coffing. 

“This new building replaces a structure that was built in the 1940s,” said Construction Manager Robert Begaye. “It was gratifying to interact with the P.J.s while this school was being built, knowing they will now be able to learn and train in a top-notch facility.”

Col. Mott said the training provided at the school will prepare students for situations in combat and in support of natural disasters that will physically and mentally stress their bodies to the max. He also said that pararescuemen are some of the most decorated people in the Air Force and have sacrificed their lives in every major conflict.

The pararescuemen’s creed is “That Others May Live.”