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Hangar Nearly Complete at Holloman

District Public Affairs
Published April 27, 2012
Holloman AFB, New Meixco - Hangar 500 was given a shiny, new epoxy floor as part of its renovation.

Holloman AFB, New Meixco - Hangar 500 was given a shiny, new epoxy floor as part of its renovation.

The Albuquerque District has a robust military construction (MILCON) program with work occurring at three Air Force bases in New Mexico. An example of a MILCON project nearing completion is the Hangar 500 renovation and addition at Holloman Air Force Base, near Alamogordo.

The $17 million contract awarded to Creative Times Incorporated, Ogden, Utah, included $6.5 million to renovate the existing hangar with a new roof, fire suppression upgrades and replace the hanger floor paving. It also included a 14,574 square foot administrative support addition with fire suppression, utilities, site improvements and communication systems, all necessary to maintain Predator aircraft.

The project’s customer is the 849th Maintenance Squadron, and its airmen will be using the hangar to perform maintenance on remotely piloted aircraft.

The contractor was given the notice to proceed on Nov. 15, 2010, with an anticipated completion date of mid-February 2012. However, projects sometimes run into delays because of weather or problems encountered during the course of work, and Hangar 500 was no different.

“When the contractor did a partial demolition of the concrete grout between the 40-year-old hangar door rail tracks, we discovered that the rails were rusted out,” said Civil Engineer George Hostler. “When the contractor’s proposal came in we were short on money for new rails, so the District’s David Dark in contracting, who is a skilled negotiator and modification writer, found funds through a well-engineered, partial de-scoping modification to pay for replacing the rails. Thanks to him, the hangar schedule stayed on track and soon will be turned over to the customer.”