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Joseph Hernandez Selected as the District Office’s 2018 Employee of the Year

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Published Jan. 18, 2019
Albuquerque District Commander Lt. Col. Larry Caswell recognizes Joseph Hernandez as the District Office's Employee of the Year, Dec. 12, 2018.

Albuquerque District Commander Lt. Col. Larry Caswell recognizes Joseph Hernandez as the District Office's Employee of the Year, Dec. 12, 2018.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Joseph Hernandez was honored as the District office’s Employee of the Year during the 2018 Annual Award Presentations, Dec. 12, 2018.


“I am extremely honored to be receiving such an important award. I am grateful for the recognition for my work as I am sure that every other nominee for this award was as capable, if not more, of winning this award,” said Hernandez.


Hernandez is the ACE-IT visual information specialist for the Albuquerque District. He is responsible for providing support in all the major creative fields from graphics and photography to video and AV support.

“Joseph’s work impacts every employee, from the posters hanging on the walls, to the AV set ups in the conference rooms,” said District Commander Lt. Col. Larry Caswell. “He is a master at fixing AV systems, frequently using creative solutions, and sometimes his own equipment, to ensure the District maintains our capabilities. And he can do some pretty amazing things with Photoshop!”


“Joseph is always willing to assist wherever he is needed,” said Rose Chavez, ACE-IT operations officer. “He is one of our unsung heroes and rarely receives the credit he deserves by those that he serves.”

This past year he provided essential support for several major District events. According to his nomination, during the District’s Change of Command ceremony in May, he assisted then-executive assistant Megan Grande with traffic signs. According to his nomination, Hernandez “not only designed the signs but used personal material in creating the stand and was onsite prior to the Logistics Facility Manager in order to ensure that the signage was in place prior to the arrival of the dignitaries. He [also] assisted with last minute requests for posters to be displayed at the ceremony.” He purchased a camera/video platform in order to film the ceremony. Additionally, he assisted the Public Affairs Office in editing the multi-page program.


Another major event he provided essential support for was the move of the District Office to a “swing space” while the main office is renovated. This involved assisting Jack Ramsey, the District’s IT Chief, with emptying out the secured storage area, all three comms closets, and multiple conference rooms, as well as his personal equipment, and physically relocating them to the swing space and long term storage – more than 900 pieces of IT equipment.


“I think it was I who assisted him. He was a driving force and a major factor in OUR success,” said Ramsey.


Hernandez also set up projectors and screens in the swing space’s two conference rooms which previously didn’t have them. “Hernandez provided the labor by physically mounting the projector in the ceiling and the screen on the wall. NOTE: Joseph purchased mounting brackets and later a wall screen out of his pocket as it was an immediate need,” reads his nomination.


In addition to all of this, Hernandez filled in for the District’s records manager, coordinating a massive transfer of files to records storage. This position also includes oversight of the District’s mailroom.

This year the District expanded the recognition by choosing an Employee of the Year from the District office and an Employee of the Year from the field offices. The District Field Office Employee of the Year was Richard Martinez, construction inspection representative at the Cannon Resident Office. District employees nominated for recognition this year include Chris Parrish, archaeologist; Ellen Rule, program analyst; Jennifer Lillard, biologist; Michelle Kessinger, contract specialist; Maria Romero-Wroten, accountant; and Valerie Thompson, park ranger at John Martin Reservoir.