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Posted 5/10/2018

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By Elizabeth Lockyear
public affairs

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The District recognized Jaimie Crawford as the District’s 2018 Administrative Professional of the Year, May 7, 2018.

Crawford, who works in the District’s Engineering and Construction Division’s Geotech Branch, joined the Albuquerque District in December 2016.

Grace Procter, the District’s Engineering and Construction Division administrative officer, wrote in her nomination of Crawford, that “Jaimie is well-liked and is accepted as a productive and efficient member of the team; functioning at 110 percent in support of branch activities.”

In another of the seven nominations Crawford received, Michael Mills, civil engineer in the Geotechnical Section, wrote, “Jaimie Crawford has done an outstanding job as the administrative assistant for the Geotech and Environmental Engineering Branch. She always exceeds expectations and is willing to jump in and help whenever she sees an opportunity.”

Patricia Lewis, administrative technician in the District’s Construction Branch wrote that “Jaimie is the epitome of what it means to be a professional. Her work ethic and strong commitment to being part of the USACE team is evident in everything she does. Jaimie is dedicated to our mission and all those she works with directly or indirectly and is deserving of the 2018 Albuquerque District Administrative Assistant of the Year.”

Beyond Crawford’s normal duties, she also took on additional duties in support of District staff deployed to help in the aftermath of hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, and the wildfires in California.

“This year, Jaimie also assisted staff members with one deployment to Florida disaster relief, three deployments to Puerto Rico (45-day and 90-day), and one 60-day deployment to the northern California fire response. She worked diligently with Geotechnical Branch deployed staff to ensure that their time entered was accurate and travel vouchers were correctly submitted and paid by the Finance Center. In addition, Jaimie provided back up support to other Engineering administrative staff during deployment for time, travel, and government credit card purchasing for training and supplies,” said Cecilia Horner, chief of the District’s Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Branch.

Shelley Dragomir, civil engineer in the Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Branch, also praised Crawford’s support during Dragomir’s deployment. “On her own accord, she took on administrative functions for the entire division during FEMA deployments, placing the welfare of others, and their ability to remain focused on their work, over her own. Her competence and willingness to go further to support the mission effort, allowed me to stay focused on my roles and responsibilities and do my job better while deployed.”

The District Administrative Professionals nominated this year include Grace Procter, Engineering and Construction Division; Michelle Gilo, Construction Branch, Kirtland Air Force Base Resident Office; Patricia Lewis, Construction Branch; Robin Henry, Operations Division, Trinidad Project Office; and Rowena Sanchez, Technical Support Branch.

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