Archive: July, 2013
  • East end of Trinidad Lake reopened to boating

    The boat ramp and the east end of Trinidad Lake are reopened to boating. The west end of the lake is still closed to boating for wildfire aircraft access. The off-limits portion of the lake is clearly marked with buoys and an island.
  • Trinidad Lake Closed to Boating

    Trinidad Lake in Trinidad Lake State Park is closed to boating until further notice. All other park activities, including fishing, camping and hiking, are still permitted. Wildfire aircraft will be dipping the lake for water to combat the Pipeline Fire on Fisher's Peak near Trinidad.
  • Corps of Engineer’s South Boat Ramp Now Open at Conchas Lake

    The Albuquerque District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, announced today that the Southside boat ramp and day-use recreation area are now open for public use at Conchas Lake, N.M.