Flooding Response Assistance Authority

Emergency Management

Flooding Response Assistance (Emergency Operations) Authority


Administering Agency:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) 


 Operations & Readiness Branch, Albuquerque District, (505) 342-3686
(24-hour emergency number)


Public Law 84-99, as amended

Assistance Available:

USACE is authorized to provide emergency operations support to communities with impending and/or current flooding. 

Emergency Operations:

  • Assist or direct flood fight efforts 
  • Conduct field investigations / data collection 
  • Provide emergency flood fight supplies 
  • Initiate emergency contracting 
  • Assist with search and rescue operations


Any critical facility faced with an impending and/or current flood threat to public health and welfare.

Qualifying Requirements:

  • Written Request from the Governor
  • Impacts to critical facilities only 
  • Supplemental to the state/tribal/local government flood fight efforts 
  • Temporary in nature and directed to the immediate threat 
  • Reasonable and prudent 

Supplies & Materials:

  • Materials including sandbags, sandbag filling machines, pumps, and rapid deployable flood fighting measures are staged at varied locations throughout the Albuquerque District


Please coordinate an official request  through your State’s Emergency Management Office; however, please call let us know about your concerns.


Flood fighting authority is initiated during a flood event.