Tribal Project Info

The Corps partners with many Tribes on water resources and related projects. Some of these partnerships have resulted in innovative collaborations on current issues; others take steps to address long-standing concerns.

One thing the Corps has learned is that we need your knowledge and perspectives on local conditions, ecosystems, and terrain to develop better projects. Much of what you know has been passed down orally and we must listen to your collective expertise. You have much to teach us about the land and the water that we do not know. Our willingness to learn from each other's strengths can only result in stronger relationships and better projects. Initiating a project with us is relatively straightforward. You, as a potential non-Federal project sponsor, write a letter to the local District describing the issue and how you think the Corps can help. Or, give us a call.

Caption: Dancers from Pueblo de Cochiti perform during a cultural immersion course set up for government employees to learn about Native Americans from the Cochiti tribal perspective.