Navajo Nations- Little Colorado (Upper Puerco)

The Upper Puerco study area is a sub-watershed of the Little Colorado River Watershed.  The project area straddles the State border between Arizona and New Mexico.  The Upper Puerco Watershed should not be confused with the “Rio Puerco Watershed”, which is on the eastern side of the continental divide – a tributary of the Rio Grande in New Mexico.  The Nation has identified a number of concerns including; (1) Lack of a Comprehensive Watershed Plan, (2) Risk of flood damage to infrastructure, property, human health, (3) Sediment deposition/siltation, erosion, and sediment management issues throughout the watershed, (4) Water quality degradation and public safety risks, (5) Habitat impairments within the watershed, (6) Lack of adequate water supply and distribution infrastructure systems throughout the watershed.