General Information

Visitors will find an overlook shelter, picnic area and restrooms at the Day Use Area, located approximately 1 mile from the Diamond A Dam. The area offers unique opportunities to view and photograph wildlife, including antelope, mule deer, and many different birds.

  • Camping is not permitted at this location.
  • Pets are welcome, but must be leashed.
  • Confine fires to grills or established pits only, and extinguish fires prior to departure.
  • Deposit all trash and refuse in designated bins.
  • Drive and park vehicles only on authorized roads and parking areas.
  • Do not litter. Use designated waste receptacles.
  • Hunting is permitted in compliance with New Mexico Game and Fish regulations.
  • Destruction, injury, defacement, or removal of public property, including vegetation, natural and cultural resources is prohibited.
  • Hiking is permitted on established paths and trails.

A complete pdf document listing of rules and regulations governing public use of Corps of Engineers Water Resources Management Projects can be found here: Title 36 Federal Regualtions Two Rivers Project is administered via the Project Manager at the Santa Rosa Dam and Lake Project.