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Two Rivers Dam

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Group shelters at Two Rivers Dam

The City of Roswell, N.M., experienced mass flooding from the Rio Hondo in 1937, 1941 and 1954. After the disastrous flood of 1941, Roswell sought to convert the abandoned Hondo Reservoir into a flood control facility. The Flood Control Act of 1954 authorized the construction of Two Rivers Dam. Two Rivers Dam was completed in August 1963. The project was named Two Rivers because it provides flood control from the Rio Hondo and Rocky Arroyo. Since the goal of the project is flood control, most visitors will not see water in this reservoir.

Visitors will find an overlook shelter, picnic area and restrooms at the Day Use Picnic Area, located approximately 1 mile from the Diamond A Dam.

The area offers unique opportunities to view and photograph prairie wildlife, including antelope, mule deer and many different birds.

Most visitors will find that the reservoir is dry except for limited storage during spring runoffs.

Two Rivers Project is administered by the Project Manager at the Santa Rosa Dam and Lake Project.

Geocaching is permitted at Corps' projects only with approval of the project manager.

See: New Mexico Department of Game & Fish for complete details on hunting regulations and permits for the Two Rivers Dam Recreation Area.

Area weather: Current weather conditions for Roswell, N.M. and the Two Rivers Dam vicinity.