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SAVE THE DATE: Public Meeting on the Draft Trinidad Lake Master Plan to be held Thurs. June 22, 2023.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Albuquerque District, has scheduled a public meeting for the 2023 Draft Trinidad Lake Master Plan (MP), Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI), and Environmental Assessment (EA).

When: The open house will be on Thursday, June 22, 203, from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.

Where: The Pioneer Room of the Sullivan Center, Trinidad State College, 600 Prospect, Trinidad, CO 81082.

The public open house will give an overview of the proposed changes to the current Trinidad Lake Master Plan, inform the public on how to submit comments, and provide an opportunity for the public to ask questions and offer feedback. The 30-day public comment period will begin on June 22, 2023, and end on July 22, 2023.


Click here to view the Draft Trinidad Lake Master Plan document.

Trinidad Lake and Dam Master Plan Revision

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 What is a Master Plan?

The Master Plan is the strategic land use management document that guides the comprehensive management and development of all project recreational, natural, and cultural resources throughout the life of the water resources project.

Revision of the Master Plan will not address in detail the technical operational aspects of the reservoir related to the water supply or flood risk management missions of the project.

 What a Master Plan is NOT

The Master Plan does not entail facility designs, daily project administration details or any technical discussion regarding flood risk management, water quality, water supply, shoreline management, water level management, hydropower, or navigation. Many of these topics are covered in the many other Operational Plans each lake develops separately from the master plan.

 Why Revise a Master Plan?

The current Master Plan was originally completed in October 1975 and is in need of revision to address changes in regional land use, population, outdoor recreation trends, and USACE management policy.

Key topics addressed in the revised Master Plan include:

  • revised land classifications,
  • new natural and recreational resource management objectives,
  • recreation facility needs, and
  • special topics such as invasive species management and threatened and endangered species habitat.

Public participation and feedback is critical to the successful revision of the Trinidad Lake Master Plan.

Click here to view the 1975 Master Plan

Flow chart showing the Master Planning Process

How to Participate in the Revision Process

How can the public participate in developing the revised plan?

We want your input on the Master Plan revision and any related environmental comments under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Your participation is key to a successful Master Plan.

How to participate:

To add your comments, ideas, or concerns about the future land and recreational management for Trinidad Lake, please submit comments using any of the following methods:

1 - Fill out and return a comment form. The comment form is available in the "links" menu in the upper left column of this webpage or click here.

2 - Provide comments in an email message and send to:

3 - Provide comments in a letter or use the comment form and mail to:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Kim Falen, Trinidad Lake Manager

10950 County Rd 18.3

Trinidad, CO 81082-8904


Thank you for your participation in helping revise the Master Plan for Trinidad Lake.

Trinidad Lake

aerial view of Trinidad Lake, Colorado