The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) manages the dam and is usually open to visitors 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, with some limited weekend and holiday availability. The USACE office at John Martin can be reached by phone at 719-336-3476 and email (, for information and to book tours, educational programming, and the recreation shelter. To touch base with us via social media, message us on Facebook at

The recreation facilities at Lake Hasty and on the North Shore of John Martin Reservoir, including the boat ramps and campgrounds, are leased to and managed by Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW). Federal Discount Passes are not needed at this location and are not accepted by CPW. For more information on what is needed, please visit the John Martin Reservoir Colorado State Park website by clicking here.

A majority of the reservoir, South Shore, west end, and a portion of the north shore are managed by USACE as a wildlife area. These areas offer a plethora of day-use recreational opportunities including hiking, fishing, wildlife watching, and hunting. All applicable state and federal laws are enforced throughout the property. No camping is allowed within wildlife areas of John Martin Reservoir. Camping is still permitted at the designated campgrounds of John Martin Reservoir Colorado State Park. For more information on camping opportunities within the state park, visit their website or call 719-829-1801.

Please drive and park vehicles only on developed roads and parking areas. Loaded firearms, ammunition, explosives of any kind, archery equipment, etc., are prohibited on/in the dam and federal buildings. Destruction, injury, defacement, or removal of public property, including vegetation, and natural and cultural resources, is prohibited. A complete pdf document listing of rules and regulations governing public use of Corps of Engineers Water Resources Management Projects can be found below: 

The information below is provided as a general overview. 

Recreation Activities

USACE Park Ranger Valerie Thompson holds a striped bass in front of the John Martin Stilling Basin, Nov. 1, 2018.Fishing

Fishing in John Martin Reservoir and Lake Hasty can be excellent for walleye, saugeye, wiper, large and small mouth bass, white bass, striper, crappie, channel catfish, and bream. Lake Hasty is also occasionally stocked with rainbow and cutthroat trout, usually in the spring and fall. Click here for the latest CPW fishing report.

Water Sports

Refresh yourself in the cool waters of John Martin Reservoir and Lake Hasty. The reservoir is open to all types of boat sports, including windsurfing, waterskiing and PWCs (personal watercraft). Lake Hasty has a handicapped accessible fishing pier, a beach (open Memorial Day to Labor Day) and is open to small watercraft that do not use gas motors – electric motors are permitted.


Dine and relax outdoors. Picnic facilities are available at the Point Overlook and Lake Hasty Recreation Areas.

One of the tee signs in the Caddoa Disc Golf Course.Disc-Golf

The Caddoa Disc-Golf course is a great place to spend the day! Click here for more information.


Explore the Red Shin Hiking Trail! This 4.5-mile trail starts across the road from Lake Hasty’s swim beach and offers many nature viewing opportunities in a variety of habitats.

A ½-mile section of the historic Santa Fe Trail is located north of the reservoir. A historical marker was placed on the north shore (east of the Point Campground) by the Daughters of the American Revolution to commemorate this section of the trail.

Wildlife Viewing

Bring your binoculars and camera. The Santa Fe Slough on the east and west sides of the Dam Road provides excellent opportunities to view waterfowl in their natural habitat. The West Santa Fe Slough also features a viewing blind.


Hunting is permitted in the State Wildlife Area of John Martin Reservoir and offers a wide variety of game including deer, turkey, small game, and waterfowl. All Colorado state regulations are enforced, including seasons, methods of take, and bag limits. Please refer to CPW Hunting Laws and Regulations for clarification. Hunting is NOT permitted in the State Park, dam, and other posted sections of the property (including seasonal exclusion zones for threatened and endangered species protection).


Please note that the information below is from CPW and is subject to change without notice here. More info on CPW-managed recreation areas can be found on their website or by calling 719-829-1801.


Summer (May 1-Oct. 31):

Point Campground Basic Campsite:

  • Sunday-Thursday $18/night
  • Friday-Saturday $20/night

Lake Hasty Electric Hook-up Campsite:

  • Sunday-Thursday $27/night
  • Friday-Saturday $29/night

Winter (Nov. 1 to April 30):

Point Campground Basic Campsite: $18

Lake Hasty Electric Hook-up Campsite: $25

Group Camping:

Caddoa Shelter Group Campsite: Call for rates. Please call 719-829-1801 ext. 3 to reserve.


John Martin DamDam Tours 

Tours of the John Martin Dam are available for interested groups. Contact the ranger office (719-336-3476) or email us at: for more information and to schedule a tour.

Rock with prehistoric petroglyphs on it.

Hicklin Springs Tours

John Martin Reservoir boasts an impressive collection of prehistoric petroglyphs and pictographs. Ranger-led tours are available for interested parties. Contact the ranger office (719-336-3476) for more information and to schedule a tour. To touch base with us via social media, message us on Facebook at

Protecting Natural Habitat

The sand and gravel shores of John Martin Reservoir are among the few remaining nesting areas in the state of Colorado for the federally threatened Piping Plover and the state endangered Interior Least Tern.

Plover and tern chicks can be difficult to see! Photo by East Bay Regional Park District.Nesting areas may be fenced off to protect active nests and chicks. Disturbing these shore birds or their nesting areas is a violation of state and federal law. Under no circumstances may members of the public enter the areas that are fenced off. Plover and tern nests are very difficult to see, and it is easy to step on and crush eggs and chicks.

For more information visit our "Protected Species" webpage, or contact the Project Office (719-336-3476), or the State Park's office (719-829-1801).

Image of a black rail.The wetlands around John Martin Reservoir are also home to the federally threatened Eastern Black Rail. The black rail is a rapidly declining, super secretive marsh bird. These birds require very dense wetland vegetation and extremely shallow water. Black rails are flightless for up to two months each breeding season, while raising chicks, and during their annual molt. This makes these birds very vulnerable to predators, extreme weather, and land management changes. Because these birds are so stealthy, little is known about them. However, research is being conducted at John Martin to learn how to better protect them. Click here to visit our "Protected Species" webpage to learn more about these birds.