Deer at Conchas Lake, N.M. Most Conchas Lake Project areas are managed for wildlife habitat.Most Conchas Lake Project areas are managed for wildlife habitat.

How to Comment on the Proposed Vegetation Management Plan

We, the Corps, want to hear from you!

Comments should be submitted by Friday, March 15, 2024.

Please submit comments using one of the following methods:

• Fill out the comment form and return via email to:

• Provide comments in a letter or use the comment form and mail to:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Environmental Resources Section

Attn: Ms. Dana Price

4101 Jefferson Plaza NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109

Click here to view the comment form.

This is an opportunity for all interested parties to provide input on the management of vegetation in different areas at Conchas Lake. We appreciate your comments.

Yellow flower growing on the ground.

Conchas Lake Vegetation Management Plan Scoping Comments Requested

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Albuquerque District, invites you to participate in the scoping process for the Vegetation Management Plan for Conchas Lake, New Mexico. storm clouds over Conchas Lake

USACE is seeking public and agency input on proposed actions to be included in this plan. Additionally, we are preparing an Environmental Assessment to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act.

We will consider your comments about the management practices we propose to include as we develop the plan. Your comments will also be used to evaluate the plan’s environmental effects in the accompanying Environmental Assessment.

Conchas Lake and its surrounding landscape face environmental challenges such as invasive species, wildfire, and brush encroachment that are problematic for USACE and surrounding landowners as we work to maintain healthy native plant communities in the USACE-owned and managed areas around the lake. Therefore, we are developing a vegetation management plan to guide USACE management activity within the Conchas Lake Project boundary. 

The goal of the vegetation management plan is to foster healthy and sustainable lands and waters on USACE-owned land at Conchas Lake. To this end, the plan has these objectives:

  • Preserve healthy, high-quality, native habitat and prevent loss of biodiversity.
  • Restore native habitat in disturbed or degraded areas.
  • Manage populations of invasive species and control noxious weeds.
  • Prevent wildfires from spreading destructively and enable effective fire management.
  • Maintain historic landscaping and viewsheds in the historic district around the Project Office and Adobe Bell.
  • Manage hazardous vegetation in and around infrastructure and public-use areas such as campgrounds. 

Click here to read brief descriptions of the types of management actions that would be included in the plan.

There are two maps available below showing the proposed vegetation management areas. Or you can click the links below to view the maps.

Pursuant to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, USACE has the responsibility to consider the effects of our undertakings on historic properties, and to consult with others (including the State Historic Preservation Officer, Tribes, and the public) on those effects.

This webpage is part of the public involvement requirements of the Section 106 implementation regulations (36 CFR 800 et seq.). Toward that end, our goal for this Vegetation Management Plan is to develop practices that would allow us to avoid adversely affecting historic properties and cultural resources, or to minimize any such adverse effects.

We seek your comment regarding any potential effects to historic properties at Conchas Lake, and especially any concerns you may have regarding historic properties or cultural resources at Conchas Lake that you are aware of or may be important to you. 

rocks and shrubs with the shoreline of Conchas Lake in the upper right area of the image.Directions on how to submit comments are in the left column.

Conchas Lake Vegetation Plan Land Use Areas (North)

Conchas Lake Vegetation Plan Land Use Areas (North)

Conchas Lake Vegetation Plan Land Use Areas (South)

Conchas Lake Vegetation Plan Land Use Areas (South)

The Conchas lakeshore. The changing water level makes it difficult to manage vegetation. The Conchas lakeshore. The changing water level makes it difficult to manage vegetation.

Juniper savanna interspersed with grassland with mountains in the backgroundJuniper savanna interspersed with grassland.