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The USACE Tribal Nations Technical Center of Expertise (TNTCX) was established in order to provide a cost-effective administrative tool to improve USACE’s quality and effectiveness in delivering USACE missions to Federally recognized tribes. In that role, the TNTCX can engage with each of the 574 Federally recognized Native American Tribes, national and regional organizations representing Native American governments, Native American communities, and the USACE Commands serving those communities.

The TNTCX program is vital to the successful management of our relationships with Tribal Nations, which helps us maintain and operate key infrastructure projects that contribute to the Nation’s economy, environment, safety, and quality of life - now and in the future.


Contact Us

The USACE Tribal Nations Center of Expertise (TNTCX) has offices in two locations in order to better serve Tribal needs:

Tribal Nations Technical Center Expertise
4101 Jefferson Plaza, NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

US Army Corp of Engineers
Tribal Nations Technical Center of Expertise
University of Alabama
Box 870215
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0328

Director: Ron Kneebone, Ph.D.
Phone: 505-238-4676

Deputy Director/Operations Chief: Michael P. Fedoroff, RPA
Phone: 205-348-9254





TNTCX Newsletters

  • February

    February 2019 Issue No. 5

    On February 6, 2019 Ron Kneebone and Matt Grunewald of the TNTCX participated in Albuquerque District’s Industry Day Outreach event for small business. At this event the TNTCX had the opportunity to speak to multiple small businesses interested in providing contractor support to the technical center and the USACE. Several of the small businesses the TNTCX met with were Tribally-owned or Native American-owned businesses. The TNTCX listened to these companies as they described their capabilities and expertise and discussed potential opportunities.
  • January

    January 2019 Issue No. 4

    Hello everyone! Time for the TNTCX monthly newsletter for January 2019.
  • December

    December 2018 Issue No. 3

    This time of year is great for reflecting on our activities and accomplishments over the past year and organize our thoughts about where we want to be in the coming year.
  • November

    November 2018 Issue No. 2

    TNTCX Deputy Director, Mr. Michael Fedoroff, was invited to speak at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) as part of a Speaker Series highlighting Tribal Nations sovereignty for Native American Heritage Month. The talk was sponsored by the University Office of Diversity and Inclusivity and the Department of Anthropology.