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SPECIAL PUBLIC NOTICE: Submittal Process for Activities within New Mexico

Published Dec. 23, 2022

SUBJECT: Effective immediately, all permit applications, preconstruction notifications, requests for jurisdictional determinations, compliance certifications, and monitoring reports for projects in New Mexico within the Albuquerque District area of responsibility should be submitted electronically to our general email box at initial in-processing and project manager assignment. You will receive a response identifying the assigned project manager and project number within five (5) working days from the receipt of your request. For the submittal of new requests for activities that had previous Corps interaction, please reference the project number with the submittal, if known. Emailing requests to a location other than may result in substantial delays in processing times.

With the exception of compliance certification forms and monitoring reports, information relating to existing pending projects can be sent directly to the project manager assigned to the action.

NOTE: Emails including attachments cannot exceed 40Mb. If you need to submit files larger than 40Mb, please send an email to requesting a Drop-off Request Code.