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SPECIAL PUBLIC NOTICE: Required Submittals for Multiple Impact Locations

Published Sept. 19, 2018

Reference is made to the South Pacific Division, Special Public Notice, Updated Map and Drawing Standards for the South Pacific Division Regulatory Program, dated February 10, 2016 ( regarding submittals of the OMBIL Regulatory Module (ORM) Upload Spreadsheet.

Effective on the date of this Special Public Notice, the Albuquerque District requires completion and electronic submittal of an ORM Upload Spreadsheet when an activity includes more than ten (10) impact locations, and requires a Department of the Army authorization and notification to the Albuquerque District. The purpose of the ORM Upload Spreadsheet is to expedite required data entry by USACE staff, which results in expediting permit authorizations for prospective permittees. There are two different ORM Upload Spreadsheets available on our website at:

The spreadsheets are macro-enabled and include a validation tool allowing for detection of data entry errors in the spreadsheet before the data is uploaded by USACE into the ORM database. Prospective permittees must enter and save data in these spreadsheets by retaining the macro-enabled format (file extension ‘xlsm’) in order for the validation tool to be utilized by a USACE employee. Prospective permittees should complete the Aquatic Resources Only spreadsheet for stand-alone jurisdictional determinations. All other submittals require utilization of the Consolidated Upload Spreadsheet. More information on how to complete these spreadsheets is available on our website at the NWP address listed above. Questions about these spreadsheets should be directed to the USACE Regulatory Program employee assigned to the action or area in which a proposed activity occurs.