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Albuquerque District - FPMS Coordinator
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Types of Assistance

The FPMS Program provides the full range of technical services and planning guidance that is needed to support effective floodplain management.

  • GENERAL TECHNICAL SERVICES.  The program develops and interprets site-specific data on obstructions to flood flows, flood formation and timing; flood depths or stages; flood-water velocities; and the extent, duration, and frequency of flooding.  It also provides information on natural and cultural floodplain resources of note, and flood loss potentials before and after the use of floodplain management measures. 
  • GENERAL PLANNING ASSISTANCE.  On a larger scale, the program provides assistance and guidance in the form of “Special Studies” on all aspects of floodplain management planning including the possible impacts of off-floodplain land use changes to the physical, socio-economic and environmental conditions of the floodplain. 

This can range from helping a community identify present or future floodplain areas and related problems, to a broad assessment of which of the various remedial measures may be effectively used.

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