Business with the District

Our Area of Operations: The Albuquerque District covers all of the state of New Mexico, about one-third of Colorado, and one-fifth of Texas. The district has more than 75 years of civil works and other support to its regional customers. 

What we bring to the table:  The civil works planning, design and construction team works on flood risk management, ecosystem restoration, watershed studies and environmental infrastructure projects within New Mexico, southeast Colorado, and northwest Texas.  Major flood risk management projects include levees along the Rio Grande from San Acacia to Bosque del Apache near Socorro, N.M., and levees from Albuquerque to Belen, N.M.  One of the district's key ecosystem restoration projects is centered on the area surrounding the Middle Rio Grande.

The district performs design, construction and operations and maintenance services to three New Mexico Air Force bases, and design services to two Arizona Air Force bases. The district's personnel have extensive experience in the design and construction of family housing, dormitories, bridges, hangars, research facilities, airfields and remodeling existing structures.

Albuquerque District’s environmental program includes endangered species surveys, environmental assessments and impact statements, and cultural resource mitigation.

The district is also one of 20 partners supporting the Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Act Collaborative Program, aimed at protecting and improving the status of endangered species in the valley while simultaneously protecting existing water uses.  Tribal relations and partnerships are very important to the district. The Corps operates two facilities on tribal lands and enjoys working under the Tribal Partnership Program.